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But squinting at the relatively small screen of your phone just doesn't cut it in our book, and we long for cinematic experiences when away from home on camping trips. Latest Cello TV reviews, ratings from genuine shoppers. The last awesome feature is the price. The #HuaweiFreeBudsPro with Active Noise Cancellation technology are SO good that you can completely tune out the world around you, whether that’s your family , music on the tv or everyday distracting background noises – it’s amazing! 2.0 out of 5 stars Inherent flaws with no customer service. Forget about it. Founder of WhatGear Ltd. After completing a deal with Technicolor of France, Cello will manufacture Ferguson televisions for the UK market. A very capable HD TV that’s seriously affordable. The base itself is solid steal as you will see in my unboxing video. Which you can toggle on and off as you please. companies Fridge Freezers Televisions Tumble Dryers Washing Machines more products 3d … As well as 8GB built in storage for apps. Minimum 10 characters Would you like to add a photos or videos? Its only 4K TV currently on sale, the C5020DVB4K, doesn’t even offer HDR support, and while HDR is usually pretty poor on budget TVs, to not offer it at all feels like a bit of an oversight. Read Pogs1511's review of the Cello C20234F TV LCD Television, 1 of 1 Cello C20234F TV reviews, & compare with other LCD TVs at Review Centre Navigating web pages is so easy with this feature. That means if you’re looking for the latest and greatest technology or the very best in picture performance, Cello isn’t going to tick your boxes. This means you can benefit from a TV system designed for the specific needs of UK customers. Bad Stuff . If like me you spend most of your time these days working from home, and you just really need some peace and quiet... I’ve got the answer! © There’re so many ways we can consume media these days that … On top of that it is the ONLY Quantum dot technology TV built in britain. Cello P50ANSMT Size Name: 22 INCH LED TV Verified Purchase. Fair price tag. by Phil Wheat . Cello was first established in 2001, and has had a focus on TVs since 2005 – not quite the legacy of some decades-old TV brands, but it’s not a newbie either. The 4K QLED HDR10 panel inside this TV delivers an amazing picture. Cello 22" Traveller Smart Full HD TV - A Review The Cello QLED 55inch 4K TV measures 124x70.5x.6cm and the stand it sits on is 76cm wide at the front and 24cm from back to front, it is the shape of a ‘C’ this raises the unit by 7cm from what it sits on. All Cello instruction books are available to download from this website. They’ll offer you popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and most UK catch-up TV apps via Freeview Play, which is not bad at all. For this reason, it is a popular manufacturer with older customers, though of course it is bought by people of all ages. WhatGear Reviews UK Tech Influencer website is your source for tech news reviews. In this video you will see a list of UK Tech Influencers that I watch regularly. All Cello TV are manufactured in the UK. Considering much of its budget competition is manufactured abroad, many of Cello’s potential customers will likely feel some reassurance with the ability to speak directly with the manufacturer, in their own time zone, with any issues or concerns. With a British-made boast that no other LED TV manufacturer can claim, Cello manufactures all of its TVs in the North East of England, at its factory in County Durham. Home » Reviews & Giveaways » Cello 22" Traveller Smart Full HD TV - A Review. Tech reviews news, You can rely on WhatGear fun and in-depth technology reviews to help you select the best consumer tech for your needs. To browse what’s available in full, we’d recommend checking out Cello’s website directly for the most up to date details. I’ll come back to that in the awesome features section at the end. Quantum Dot LED technology boasts a wider colour gamut than regular LED screens. Find the best Cello TV deals and buying advice from consumers at Reevoo. It has an HD LED screen, Freeview, and satellite receiver. Cello have gone for stainless steel finish which runs right around the bezels of the TV giving a really premium look. Which 4K TV and Film becoming more readily available these days you can make the most out of your content. Consumers will benefit from Android Smart, 4K UHD and wide screen sizes on British designed and produced TVs when the range launches this November. We’ve tested a few sets over the years, at different sizes and budgets, but have picked out our most recent for you here. We’ve generally found Cello TVs to offer a middling performance at a pretty appropriate price. You could go for one of the brand’s Freeview Play-only sets, but they make do with Cello’s own smart TV system, which we found left a fair bit to be desired on the Cello Netgem TV. The performance of Cello TVs can’t compete with the more expensive brands, but it isn’t supposed to. Now you’re in the know about Cello as a brand, it’s time to see how it’s fared in our reviews. #AD @HuaweiMobileUK #WFHwithFreeBudsPro, This might be the most power efficient, most stylish & most well built #Smartwatch I've ever tested on #WhatGear reviews. Which is particularly useful for skipping ads on YouTube. You have got to check this out if you're looking around for a new TV. I bought the Cello 22” television for the kitchen. Cello claim the TV has a contrast ratio of 5000:1, but through testing our panel came out closer to 2000:1. You will receive a verification email shortly. They also sound amazing thanks to the #Meridian audio the #whatgear review to find out more , These are the NEW #Huawei #FreebudsStudio. Many thanks for #VodafoneUK for the sponsor, The #LG Tone Free FN7 earbuds might look like just any other #Earbuds but... beneath the surface they have a super bacteria killing super power with their #UV nano case! Sony Xperia 5 II Review - One Month Later! However, with the extended warranty we will provide a loan TV whilst yours is being repaired. Cello C43FVP Netgem TV Review A 43-inch TV with Netgem smarts for less than £300 sounds like a bargain – but there's a catch John Archer | May 7, 2020 10:01 am BST It can of course be wall mounted. Sure, you've sat on the top of a mountain, miles from any plug socket, and watched a movie. When it comes to smart TV's and on-screen keyboards it's some much easier just to point and click. Also expanding the memory will allow you to make use of the record feature when watching TV via the cello play TV tuner. The Cello QLED could be the best value QLED 4K HDR TV in 2018. It's the @huaweimobileuk #GT2pro #FitnessWatch check out my video review on #YouTube, This is the #Huawei #Matebook14 if you’re looking for a powerful #Laptop with an amazing 3:2 Full-view display...then this is the perfect laptop for you. However, that does mean that you might not have heard a lot about them, so we’ve pulled together this guide to the Cello TV brand, along with details on the most recent models we’ve tested and how much money you should look to spend on them. Philips OLED+ 984 review. The 2nd awesome feature is the fact that this is near to stock Android 7 TV. Realme 7 5G Vs Xiaomi Mi10t Lite | Battle of the Affordable 5G Smartphones! I mentioned it earlier but I feel it deserves another mention. The full range is listed as available on Amazon, eBay and TV Village, with smaller ranges stocked elsewhere. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Hackers abusing this perfectly innocent Windows 10 feature to infect machines, WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade release date, beta, and everything we know, Dell's latest Chromebook is all about democratizing internet access, New games 2021: game release dates for console and PC, The Xbox Series X name is 'a total mess', says A Way Out developer Josef Fares, Cobra Kai season 4: release date, story, season 3 ending explained and what we know, CES 2021: These microLED smart glasses might be the coolest we’ve seen, Why your next TV should be a TCL OD Zero mini-LED, Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review. The chunky bezels that adorned that earlier TV have been replaced with rather minute metal alternatives, shaved off on the top corners to provide a suitably sleek look. Cello TV Kenya updated their website address. And, given the amount of content we review each week, there’s no way we don’t use that big box in the corner of the room more than the average person – be it for reviewing movies, play games, or catching up on the latest episode of whichever geeky show we’re hyped for. The integrated soundbar of that TV has also been excised, making for a lighter TV but one th… Hopefully you guys enjoy the video & if I have missed any of your favourites let me know who they are. Cello P32ANSMT England and Wales company registration number 2008885. They look great and are super comfortable, you need to get your hands on a pair. I was really blown away by the color reproduction, in particular, the reds. Cello’s smart TV system has also been a bit of a disaster in TVs we’ve tested previously, but hopefully the introduction of Android TV in its more recent sets – as used by the likes of Sony and Philips – should help to improve that. Everything is quite self-explanatory & it isn't loaded with unnecessary buttons, which is nice. Bath Android TV isn’t for everyone. B&O teams up with LG for BeoVision Eclipse 4K OLED TV. If you're wondering how good they are. Another awesome feature is the pointer remote. Our focus here is on those marketed under the Cello brand though, so If you’re intrigued to see how they stack up against the competition and whether they’re worth investing in, read on for everything you need to know. Cello makes a big selling point out of its British heritage, promising high production standards and stringent quality checks at every step. Inside the CELLO 55” QLED is a Samsung SVA QLED panel. You won’t feel like you’re getting a bargain, but shouldn’t feel ripped off either. THERE WILL NEW VERSION COMING SOON. This is really great because if you are the owner of a smartphone that allows for an sd-card, you can transfer images and videos very easily. In my opinion when it comes to wall mounting a TV, a silver finish helps it blend into environment better. Freeview Play is found on Cello TVs as standard – something you won’t find on new Samsung TVs, for one – along with Amazon Alexa integration and Android TV smarts. So read all the way to the end for those. All rights reserved. It's quite comfortable to hold and not to over complicated when it comes to buttons. TV’s. £799. That’s pretty cheap, yet the TV still includes an integrated 16W soundbar, a fancy ‘air mouse’ remote and of course that desirable 3840 x 2160 resolution. Read all Cello C65ANSMT 65 Smart 4K TV reviews here: Read Full Review. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cello 22" LED/DVD Combi TV With Freeview at WhatGear Reviews Ltd. "UK Tech Influencer" London, England, Looking for a 4K QLED TV 2018? CELLO HAVE NOW INFORMED ME THAT THIS TV IS NO LONGER SOLD AS A SMART TV. We’ll keep adding to this the more Cello TVs that we get in for testing, so you know where — if anywhere — your cash is best spent. Visit our corporate site. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, More details. Please refresh the page and try again. Loewe's Bild 3 range of 4K TVs mixes OLED and LCD models. If the TV develops a fault in the home then all you need to do is to telephone the Cello helpline number 0333 4330312 or email consumersupport@ However as the fitment is the only place I can put any TV the width of the ‘C’ is vital for me. This most recent range goes from a 24-inch 720p set at about £165 to a 50-inch full HD option at £330, and if you’re keen on the added functionality of a smart TV, we would definitely suggest you consider one of these. This year the company launched its new range of Android smart TVs complete with Chromecast support, and also began manufacturing TVs under the Ferguson brand for the UK market as well. For more details on the DZ Strad line of cellos, you can read our review of the DZ Strad Model 101. Overall when it comes to the general design the Cello 4K HDR QLED has the build quality that you would expect to see on a £2000+ plus flagship TV. When it comes to usability the Cello QLED boots up fast and switches between apps incredibly fast. And colour accuracy? Last updated: April 27, 2020 By Jen Mellor This post contains affiliate links. 42in, … Huawei's first attempt at adaptive active noise cancelling #HiRes wireless #headphones. Our testing results are below. Some smearing with fast motion. Fantastic… We have just taken delivery of a 43inch platinum TV and I have to say it’s fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Cello have added in some impressive speakers, which I think is quite rare these days. We have 21243 products in the Computers category, ranging from just £0.21 right up to £18321.84. While the picture is sharp and relatively detailed at this price, its colours, brightness and upscaling aren’t anything to write home about, and the lack of HDR is frustrating too. All our products are covered by the 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee. How To Get Windows 10 Cheap 2020 - Less than £10 or even FREE, Xiaomi Mystery Box - Black Friday Special, Ring Alarm Security System Review & Installation - UK, Huawei Mate 40 Pro Vs Xperia 1 ii Vs Note 20 Ultra - Speed Test. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. #iPhone12proMax Vs #Xperia1ii maybe? The TV has a lot of ports on the back, these include 4 HDMI, 2 USB and one really unique feature that I personally haven’t seen on any other TV on the market. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! Cello TV reviews. This is the only british QLED TV manufactured in the UK and it has a SAMSUNG QLED panel inside an ultra premium body... at a fraction of the price check out the price here : #CelloElectronics #4Khdr #QLED. The onboard joystick control on the back is incredibly easy to find. Should your next budget TV buy be a Cello TV? Although I did spend some time watching this TV without one. Cello’s range aims to offer a TV for everyone, but tends to focus on areas that more mainstream manufacturers are leaving behind. Check out my most recent #YouTube upload, You can rely on WhatGear fun and in-depth, to help you select the best consumer tech for your needs. Cello Netgem smart TV The remote has an awesome feature that I have to unveil early and that is the mouse pointer. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 March 2020. Cello Smart Traveller C22230 TV review by Chris White on . We’ve tested a few sets over the years, at different sizes and budgets, but have picked out our most recent for you here. Prepare to be amazed when you see the price tag on this QLED TV. There was a problem. The equivalent 55" Samsung QLED retail price starts at £2000 here in the UK. It’s fair to say that Cello TVs aren’t going to blow you away if your focus is on performance alone, but the balance of affordability and peace of mind may well give you cause to consider them, especially if the more unique features offered by Cello appeal. BA1 1UA. What corners have been cut to deliver that low price point? Customer Reviews. UK Tech YouTube Channel. #BritishTech Now you’re in the know about Cello as a brand, it’s time to see how it’s fared in our reviews. Giovanni Pernice is coy about if Jamie Laing gave him sister's number. Cello's new TVs have integrated soundbars. April 9, 2019. The Cello 55" inch 4K HDR Qled TV. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new TV with a more humble price tag, Cello TVs may well have come up in your search. Cello TV. Let me know what you want to see. So I'm counting on you guys for video content ideas. For its price, this is actually a very watchable TV indeed. Decent 4K image quality. Details . If you want to learn more check out my review on the #WhatGear YouTube channel, It's been a while since I last tested an #iPhone on WhatGear reviews YouTube channel...and I'm a little late to the party. I really like the way you can toggle it on and off too. See All. Good Stuff . But it did cover 95% of the sRGB colour spectrum. So in usual WhatGear fashion, I'm going to break this down into 4 sections. It allows you to navigate the home screen and it doubles up as a power-up and powers down switch which is really great. 21/11/2020 . Cello Netgem smart TV review; You get what you pay for. The picture is bright sharp and colourful and the sound from the sound bar is wonderful dialogue is very easy to hear above any other sound music is very involving and the build quality is excellent also the design is wonderful. We use them a LOT here at Nerdly. Thumbs up to Cello for that. Cello C42T71DVB-3D review; A phenomenal value 3DTV, but it's not without its faults. Cello Smart Android TV review John Archer. The outfits include the cello, a soft cello case, cello strings, and a cello bow. Rather than selling through the supermarkets like a lot of affordable TV manufacturers, this British brand tends to stock with popular online retailers like Amazon and eBay, and is also sold through mail order catalogues like Freemans, Grattan and JD Williams. By the way, check out the WhatGear YouTube channel when you get a chance ;) I'd really appreciate it. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. LG Tone Free FN7 Review | The only earbuds that can kill Bacteria! Anyway, rest assured the CELLO QLED definitely does have some really awesome features. The TV houses a system on chip AMLogic 962, ARM Cortex A53 quad core CPU @1.5GHz processor & 5 core ARM Mali-450 GPU with 2GB Ram. Best budget 4K TVs The Delta-E score was off the charts, averaging at 5.28. Panasonic TX-55GZ1500 review. No, there’s no 4K resolution, HDR or the company’s most recent Android smart TV system, and the Alexa integration is far from perfect too. Learn More. Advertisement . Cello C55SFS4K QLED TV review It’s affordable, but its Android-based smarts and image quality are less than stellar. Real reviews, from customers like you. Today, British TV manufacturer Cello has announced it will be bringing back the Ferguson brand. When watching 4K footage you can see every detail in crystal clarity, brilliant colours and didn't experience any problems with motion blur. So when it comes to the look and feel of the CELLO 4K QLED. For a high-quality cello that ranges between $600-$2000 depending on size, this is a ton of value. Audio is a bit lifeless. A 4K TV with some considerable shortcomings. Let’s found our in our full review. Specifications. That means it currently only offers a single 4K TV for those who want it, with the majority of its range made up of Full HD and 720p sets – a largely underserved market in an age of 4K and 8K TVs. We’ll keep adding to this the more Cello TVs that we get in for testing, so you know where — if anywhere — your cash is best spent. Cello TV reviews. Watch WhatGear reviews, The ONLY British 4K QLED TV - Cello 4K QLED 55" HDR Review, Install the Google Play Store on any Huawei Device (2021) In just 5mins, Shure MV7 Microphone - Best Youtube Microphone 2021, Xperia 5 ii vs Xperia 1 ii - I've made my decision... one month later. TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Unresponsive remote. But if price is your number one priority it’s very much worth considering. You can see it in action in my WhatGear YouTube review here. In my experience, there is nothing worse than having to get a torch out to look behind the TV in order to figure out what buttons are what. Buying new Computers products, whether online or in-store takes a lot of research, finding the right product, at the right price, from the best retailer and one that delivers the best features and from a reputable brand. I didn't notice any bloatware at all. We're talking about 14 day battery life, Titanium build, Amoled display, Sapphire crystal glass & hundreds or exercise tracking features. I turned the TV on and went through the channel setup expecting maybe around 50 channels but was shocked it found 176 channels which include radio and data offerings, some of these are scrambled, but everything that was unscrambled gave a good solid image. You can link your android play store account to the TV and download pretty much all the apps you can find on your android phone...I think this is awesome! Now you’re in the know about Cello as a brand, it’s time to see how it’s fared in our reviews. I'm basing this statement off of my past experiences with android TV's. There are also some quirky options, like battery-powered TVs and TVs with built-in DVD players, to really help it stand out from the crowd. Boot up the Cello Platinum for the first time and you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Google account, or else sign up for a new one. For a standard one year warranty a TV can take up to 7 working days to repair. Cello TV Reviews 1.00 Rating 1 Reviews 0 % of reviewers recommend Cello TV Company Reviews Questions Visit Website Write Your review Tell us how Cello TV made you happy Help future customers by talking about customer service, price, delivery, returns & refunds. The design on the remote is quite similar to that of the Sky Q remote when it comes to its shape. One of the things you usually have to sacrifice at this price point is a good operating system – … There are limitations due to its low cost, of course, but it’s actually the promise of its built-in soundbar and smart TV system that lets it down, as these let it down. Cello C42T71DVB-3D review; 2. Be aware that your choice of Cello TV will be determined by where you shop. click the link if you want to check that video out : Cello 4K QLED unboxing. Instruction books. Today we’re looking at the 50-inch Cello Platinum, a 4K Android smart TV offered for the low price of just £400. Web Content Creator, Video Editor, Director, Watch WhatGear reviews. The 1st awesome feature I should mention is the ability to expand the built-in 8BG memory with a micro-sd card. We will support UK content and delivery like no other TV brand currently available. IMPORTANT INFORMATION. The Cello QLED has a more advanced design than its Platinum predecessor, which you’d expect given that it is about double the price with only a five inch increase in screen size. We specialize in Media and video content creation. Northern Ireland records 1,500 coronavirus cases in one day. It also promises an industry-leading after-care service, including technical support, for absolute peace of mind when buying. Things that you’re also likely to miss out on at this price are screen brightness, the wider colour gamut than you’d see on pricier sets, and advanced processing. Cello is that rare thing, a British TV manufacturer, and the Cello C55SFS4K is its first flatscreen to use a QLED (quantum dot) LCD panel – technology …

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